Admissions international students

  • Students applying individually 2018-2019
These pages is for students possessing FOREIGN DIPLOMAS who wish to apply to university following normal enrollment procedures and not as part of an exchange program.

Enrollment at the university occurs in three steps:

1- Admission procedures

Before enrolling at the university, you must submit an application dossier.

This dossier will then be examined by the admissions committee of the department in which you want to enroll.
The admission procedure depends on your country of residence and origin of degrees :

2- The Admission decision

After examining your dossier, the admissions commission will send its decision via postal letter exclusively.

3- Enrollment

After receiving a positive response from the admissions committee, you must validate the decision by enrolling in the University François Rabelais of Tours.

In order to enroll, you must:

1- Download the enrollment forms which are on line from the end of June
2- Make an appointment for your enrollment
3- The day of your appointment, you need to present your enrollment forms, all the requested supporting documents, and a way to pay for your enrollment

4- The admissions department will enter you into the system and issue your student card

You are officially enrolled in the university!