Three schemes exist for the partial payment of transport costs between your home and your place of work, the University of Tours:
Public transport pass
Supplement to the public transport pass (ASIU Transport)
Sustainable mobility package

Public transport pass

1. Partial payment of public transport passes: In accordance with the provisions of decree no. 2010-676 of 21 June 2010, the establishment shall pay half the cost of public transport tickets for travel between the usual residence and the place of work. The pass can be weekly, monthly or yearly. Bus, train or multiple transport methods. Payment is made on a monthly basis on presentation of the pass receipts, subject to the maximum limit.

You can find the application form for reimbursement (to be sent to your HR manager in charge of your administrative file as soon as you start work) on the university intranet.


Within the framework of an agreement with Filbleu, the University has set up a company travel plan which allows staff members who apply for a Filbleu transport pass to take out their pass through the institution and benefit from discounts. The advantages of this plan are:

- the payment of 50% of the bus pass

- processing of the subscription request by the HRD, which makes the link with Filbleu's services

- financial benefits - for every 11 consecutive months purchased by direct debit, the 12th month is free

- time saving. The pass is automatically renewed on the 1st of each month and it is not necessary to provide receipts to benefit from the financial support

HRD Contact: HRD Secretary +33247368088

ASIU Transport

Supplementary payment of the price of the home-work season ticket by the ASIU transport: Employees with a public transport pass in departments 37 and 41 can apply for additional financial assistance
Application form for ASIU Transport 
Please contact the HRD Secretary for further information

Sustainable mobility package

Partial reimbursement of travel costs by bicycle or carpool between home and work with the sustainable mobility package:
Note and the modalities of implementation