5. International Students Welcome Desk

As part of the national strategy of attractivity "Welcome to France", the University of Tours will be organizing a new Welcome Desk for the 2023/24 academic year.
In partnership with various structures (Prefecture, CPAM, CAF, CROUS, and other student services), the Welcome Desk aims at facilitating all the steps of international students upon their arrival, informing them of the services offered by the University of Tours and its partners, as well as welcoming them to Tours.

This year, the Welcome Desk will be directly on campus for 3 weeks, from September 4th to September 22nd 2023, between 11am and 2:00pm.

Upon arrival, please feel free to go to the "Welcome Desks" of your campus so that you can get some help with administrative matters: you can be helped with your CAF or CPAM applications, with your residence permit approval, and receive guidance about your integration into your new life in Tours.

All year long, the International Relations Office of the University of Tours also provides appointments at the Plat d'Etain:
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00am and 2:00-5:00pm
Location: Building A - Office A0260 - 60 rue du Plat d’Etain, 37000 Tours 
Bus: Arrêt Rabelais – Ligne 5

An online Welcome Desk planned on July 11th, 2023

The International Relations Office has been welcoming international students online on Tuesday, July 11th at 2pm.
Have been discussed: how to get to Tours or Blois, steps to be taken upon arrival, registration procedures, student and social life, events not to be missed at the start of the year, university calendar and course system, accommodation possibilities and financial advice, etc...

To watch the replay of the online Welcome Desk, click here  :  Replay WD du 11.07.2023

To read the presentation displayed during the online Welcome Desk, click here :  PRESENTATION WD-11.07.2023

For any question related to the online Welcome Desk, you can reach: welcomedesk@univ-tours.fr or  +33 (0)2 47 36 78 38

More information before your arrival

first steps in france


Kit d'accueil

Students graduated from the Master "French as a Foreign Language"  have created an online course called « Kit d'accueil » in order to help you prepare your arrival in France!

Présence d'un lecteur vidéo

This fully autonomous online course is on our online learning platform Celine.
There are 5 courses of about 45 minutes:
1.  University e-mails
2.  Academic Tools
3.  Community life
4.  Taking notes
5.  Academic papers
With these modules, you will learn the basics of French university habits to be able to learn more easily and enjoy student life.

You can access this course now by clicking on this link: https://celene.univ-tours.fr/course/view.php?id=12966
And by following the procedure «Access to the welcome kit» for computers (click here) and mobile phone (click here).
Once you have your student number and university e-mail ...@etu.univ-tours.fr (at the start of the school year), you will be able to access all the activities.