Social Security

If you don't have a valid European Health Insurance Card or a private or university European insurance, affiliation to the French general social security is compulsory.
You can register online by connecting to the health insurance website dedicated to international students (available both in French and English):
Registration is free.
It must be carried out right after your university registration.
It will allow you to get reimbursed for up to 70% of your health care expenses.
Declare your regular general practitioner as soon as possible.

To complement the social security reimbursements, you can subscribe to a supplemental health insurance (also called “mutuelle”). This is not compulsory, yet highly recommended.


The CMU-C enables you to avoid advance payment during medical consultation (including at the hospital).
To be entitled to CMU-C, you need to: > Live in France on a stable and regular basis > Have an income below a specific threshold
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The University has its own Health Service, called « Service de Santé Universitaire (SSU).
Physical examinations, but also consultations are carried out by professionals : doctors, nurses, social workers...
You can also have specialized consultations, most of them are free :
  • psychological support
  • psychiatry
  • sexology
  • vaccinations
  • dental hygiene
  • dietetics & nutrition
  • gynecology & contraception & STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • dermatology
  • sports medicine & health monitoring of top athletes
Please make an appointment beforehand.
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