Over the years, the University of Tours has developed a special partnership with Campus Radio. An agreement was signed in October 2020.
Find the La Méridienne podcasts, which regularly feature university staff.

Nanobulles, maxidégâts !

Three guests to talk about a science mediation project! A comic book, "Nanobulles, maxidégâts!" - Attacking exosomes to fight cancer.
With Sébastien Roger, teacher-researcher, director of theEA4245 T2I unit (Transplantation, Immunology, Inflammation); Lucie Clarysse, scientific facilitator; Béatrice Saulnier, scientific mediation officer at Centre-Sciences.

MSH – Mathilde Duflos, PAVeA

In this programme in partnership with the Val de Loire Centre for Human Sciences, Mathilde Duflos, contractual doctoral student in psychology at the PAVeA laboratory (Psychology of the Ages of Life and Adaptation) at the University of Tours, presents her academic career and her current research work. She works in particular on the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren as adolescents and young adults. It looks at their use of TikTok during lockdown.

Screens and Serious Games

Anthony Mollé, CEO of the start-up CiviTime presents its collaborative serious game aimed at improving employee commitment in companies.
Two Student Health Liaisons from the University Health Service, Elise and Maëlle, come and talk to us about screen addiction, and give us advice on how to get out of it.

Kilien Stengel, Food identities and gastronomic heritage

Kilien Stengel is a former professional of the food and gastronomy sectors, teacher-researcher at the University of Tours (researcher associated to the Information and Mediation Practices and Resources (PRIM) team; European Institute of Food History and Cultures (IEHCA)), specialised in culinary and oenological matters. He directs the "Food and Gastronomy Studies " collection at L'Harmattan. He presents a recently published book: Identités alimentaires et héritages gastronomiques (Food identities and gastronomic legacies).

MAVIVH – Sébastien Eymieux

Sébastien Eymieux is a biologist, University Hospital Assistant at the Cellular Biology-Microscopy Unit (UF 1844) of the Regional University Hospital of Tours. Doctoral student in Health, Biological Sciences and Life Chemistry at the MAVIVH laboratory. He is the first author of an article recently published in the international journal Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, which discusses a study conducted by the MAVIVH laboratory, in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute of Lille and the CIRI of Lyon. This study sheds new light on the early and late stages of the SARS-CoV-2 infection cycle.


INSERM – Sylvie Chalon – Neurodegenerative diseases and molecular imaging of the brain.

Doctor Sylvie Chalon, Director of Research at the 1253 I Brain unit explains what neurodegenerative diseases are, and the role of molecular imaging in the diagnosis and management of these disorders.

University Health Service - Eating well.

Post-holiday, pre-summer, inter-lockdown: the temptation to diet grips many of us. To avoid the temptation of magic pills or the miraculous electrode belt, three members of the University Health Service combine their superpowers to give you expert advice: Tony Gendron, Farid Bouhassoun, student health liaison , and Emilie Clément, dietician.


Special programme - from 28/12/20 to 08/01/21 - Science Festival

The University of Tours and the Science Centre, Science Festival 2020, Digital Science Village.
Interviews proposed by Valentine Delattre, youtuber on the Science de comptoir channel, and Béatrice Saulnier, science mediator at the Science Centre.

David Giron presents theIRBI, the Research Institute on Insect Biology, a joint research unit of the CNRS and the University of Tours.

- Franck Ternier, visual artist, and Cécile Thomas, Department of Culture, present their residency at the University of Tours for the year 2019/2020, in connection with the GREMAN and the Denis Poisson Institute.

-On 27 October 2020, European Depression Day, we welcomed Catherine Belzung, Doctor in neurosciences, teacher-researcher at the University of Tours, and director of the UMR U1253 iBrain in Tours. Her team is working in particular on depression that is resistant to drug treatments, commonly known as "antidepressants".

- Philippe Roingeard is a Professor of Cell Biology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tours and a hospital practitioner at the University Hospital of Tours. He leads the MAVIVH unit and the IBiSA electron microscopy platform in Tours. He has received several awards for his research on viruses: National Academy of Medicine (2014), Foundation of France (2015), Grand Prix of the National Academy of Pharmacy (2018). He presents his research career and the beautiful book Portraits de VIRUS - Journey to the heart of cells, recently published by François Rabelais University Press.

- We welcomed Jean-Yves Ramel, teacher-researcher at the University of Tours, director of the LIFAT, the Applied Fundamental Computer Science Laboratory of Tours.


Tassanee Alleau abd Pascal Brioist

Tassanee Alleau, doctoral student at the Superior Centre for Renaissance Studies, and Pascal Brioist, Professor at the University of Tours, present their book for khâgne students: Sciences and society, France and England, 1680 - 1789, Atlande editions.
The programme is in two parts, with a column by the librarians of the Tours Municipal Library.

The Health Liaison Students invite the Sport Liaison Students

Ambre and Axelle, Health Liaison Students at the University Health Service, invite Cécile and Mathieu, Sport Liaison Students to the SUAPS.
They tell you all about the Sport Pack and the benefits of physical activity.
You will then hear from Hamza, Mohamed and Ana Teresa, international students, volunteers at Les Halles de Rabelais.



"What does eating well mean for a student?"

Many students suffer from financial insecurity. In such cases, food is often the first item of expenditure to be sacrificed.
- Kilien Stengel, responsible for the François Rabelais meetings, IEHCA, University of Tours

- Report on the Halles de Rabelais - Grandmont campus.
Ana Teresa, Hamza and Mohamed, international students, present the association and their journey.

-Laurine Gobert, a student in the Master's programme Cultures and Food Heritage at the University of Tours
Jennifer Cochou Meillot, Director of the Organisation and Resources, Head of the Residence Hotel de l'Alternance Youth and Housing Association