Admission process for International students

Who does the status "individual international student" refer to?

If you benefit from an exchange cooperation agreement, this page does not concern you: click here.
If you have a French diploma (baccalauréat), this page does not concern you. You will follow the same procedure as French students: click here.

As an individual international student, you will be registered at the University of Tours, where you will attend a degree program and pay tuition fees.

There are admission procedures depending on your status.
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Once you have been accepted to the University, please click here for the procedures:

Registration fee for individual international students

Following the decision of the board of directors of October 16th 2023, individual international students will benefit from partial exoneration of registration fees at the University of Tours for 2024-2025.
Registration fees will thus be the same as the ones for French students. Applying to the University of Tours shall be considered as a request for exoneration.

This decision applies to all registration applications made at the University of Tours, with the exception of the Master's "Urban Planning & Sustainability" (Polytech Tours), for which differentiated fees will be applied (3770 euros).