Supporting & developing our research

The University of Tours implements its policy of partnership, innovation and technology transfer by supporting the development of results from its research laboratories by various means:

  • The oral and written dissemination of knowledge, through scientific publications, the organisation of and participation in conferences and scientific events for the general public;
  • The structuring of partnerships with the diversity of actors in the socio-economic sphere;
  • The protection and transfer of knowledge generated by its laboratories to the socio-economic world;
  • Support for business creation, by promoting public-private partnerships.

The University of Tours supports its teacher-researchers throughout the value chain, from research to the transfer of knowledge to the socio-economic environment, while adapting its methods and tools to the diversity and specificities of the institution's research themes. It thus actively contributes to the creation of a virtuous circle of value, from the (co)creation of knowledge to its effective transfer for the benefit of society.