Cuefee - Individual students

The CUEFEE offers comprehensive French language refresher and development courses for international students that, moreover, incorporate insertion projects for joining university courses of study.
1. University Diploma of French Studies (DUEF)
The DUEF is a diploma recognized by the University of Tours and 25 other French universities. It validates a level A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The DUEF B2 or C1 allows international students who would like to pursue university studies in Tours to enroll in Licences and Masters after their language training. Please note that level C1 is available on semester 2 only.
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2. DUEF + Aptitude certificate for enrollment in a Licence in Law, Economics and Social Sciences
This program is for young international students who wish to begin their studies of Law, Economics or Social Sciences at the University of Tours. Obtaining this certificate gives access to the first year of studies at the UFR Law, Economics and Social Sciences. The certificate allows the student to enroll directly without going through the request procedure (DAP).
Please note that this program is offered in the second semester only (mid-January to mid-July). Students who wish to study French for the whole academic year (mid-September til mid-July) can choose a DUEF course in the first semester and join the aptitude certificate program in the second semester.
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3.    DUEF + DUFLE, Passerelle Master FLE: Preparation for enrollment in a Master degree of  French as a foreign language

This program is organized jointly by the Faculty of literature & languages and the CUEFEE. It is open to individual students holders of a bachelor's degree (licence) in French who wish to become teachers of French as a foreign language.  The aim of this program is to provide effective preparation for enrollment in a Master degree of French as a foreign language.
Courses start only in September.
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This program is not available for now.