Learning French at the University of Tours

Learning French is essential if you wish to come to France for a long period and enjoy French Culture. It is advisable to learn French to integrate more quickly. It will help you as well to create your network and learn about your new living environment.

The UT Centre of French as a Foreign Language (CUEFEE), in partnership with the EURAXESS Service Centre in Tours and Doctoral Schools, offers you various French courses for international doctoral students and researchers during the university year, at competitive prices.

UT Centre of French as a Foreign Language (CUEFEE)

The CUEFEE is a member of the Campus FLE network which unites all FLE-teaching University Campuses into an academic Association aimed at promoting French as a study language for university training.

CUEFEE's programs are guaranteed by the “Label Quality FLE” delivered by the CIEP (International Center for Pedagogical Studies) and recognized by the French Ministry of Education.

The learning methods focus on individual progress, encouraging students to actively participate and to live their learning experience by having direct contact with the French way of life.

Programs offered to International Researchers and Phd Students

  • French classes for Beginners
  • French classes - Intermediate and advanced level

Registration Process

If you, and/or your spouse, want to attend those courses, could you please inform us by e-mail before every session at: mobilitycentre@univ-tours.fr

Phd students registered at UT need to apply on ADUM platform.