The University of Tours makes available to its teacher-researchers, through the Partnership, Innovation and Valorisation Department (SPIV) , means and resources to:

  • Advise and guide them in the identification of AAPs adapted to their research fields and the level of maturity of their work;
  • Accompany and assist them in the preparation and submission of responses to the AAPs;
  • Take charge of the formalisation of relations by ensuring that they are balanced and that the respective interests of the partners are preserved, through the establishment of appropriate contracts;

This support is tailor-made, i.e. adapted to the specificities and respective challenges of the different research themes supported by the university and its 36 laboratories, in a relationship of trust and proximity between the institution's support services and the teacher-researchers.

The university carries out all of these missions in close collaboration with its academic partners (including the Regional Hospital of Tours, Inserm, CNRS and INRAE), whether or not they are the supervisors of its research units, thanks to the signing of site agreements which ensure a single management of the laboratories' partnership and technology transfer activities. This organisation facilitates relations with our partners by making negotiations and contractualisation more fluid.

Fully involved and integrated in its ecosystem, the University of Tours is constantly consolidating and developing its partnerships with all the players in the socio-economic sphere, on a regional, national and international scale (industrialists, local authorities, cultural establishments, etc.), in all its research areas.