2.3. Admission procedure - 1st year Degree - Refugees, BGF... -Dossier orange

The orange file (dossier orange) applies to you if you are in one of those situations:
  • French Government Grant holder (Boursier du gouvernement français), or grant holder of international organisations or foreign governments which grants are handled by a registered French organisation (Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires – CNOUS, ou Egide) ;
  • Stateless person (Apatride) or political refugee with the card of the Office Français de Protection des Réfugiés et Apatrides (O.F.P.R.A.), or beneficiary of subsidiary or temporary protection status, or asylum seeker (demandeur d’asile) in process of refugee status (subject to approval) ;
  • Child of diplomats based in France and living in France themselves ;
  • CUEFEE students arriving in France for the 2nd semester of 2023-2024.

For all these situations, please download and fill up the file, then send it by e-mail to
Download the orange file

Application deadline to enter the university in September 2024: May 31st, 2024