2.1. Admission procedure - 1st year Degree - Europe

You are a citizen of a country of the European Union and you would like to apply to a 1st year of Degree 

Please apply through the Parcoursup platform. It will open around december.
This procedure applies to:

  • You are a citizen of a country of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra (if you have the French nationality, you will be considered as a French student, even if your country of residence or country of studies is not France)
  • OR you have a French baccalauréat
  • OR you have a European baccalauréat (diploma delivered by European schools of the member states of the EU)
  • OR you have registered at a French higher education establishment (university) in 2023-2024


Students who live in Europe but do not have the nationality of a member state of the EU (or other, see above) have to go through the procedure "demande d’admission préalable (DAP blanche)" to apply for a first year of Degree. For other levels, please check directly with the faculty. Click here for more information on the DAP blanche.

Even if the procedure « Etudes en France » applies in your country of origin, the non-European students who live in Europe do not need to go back to their country to apply or to follow this procedure.