In addition to the financial support they can get from their home country, international students registered at the University of Tours can benefit from scholarships under certain conditions.

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Eiffel Scholarships Program

The Eiffel Program is proposed by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to French higher education institutions to help them attract elite overseas students (Master's and PhD level).

Applicants must:
- have foreign citizenship exclusively;
- apply at the Master's level or at the PhD level, for a program taught in France;
- be 25 years old maximum for the Master's level, or 30 years old maximum for the PhD level.

Application files have to be filled in and submitted by the university.
Please contact the head of the Master’s which interests you and explain your application. Should your application be accepted, the person in charge of the Master's will complete the Eiffel file according to all the information that you will provide.
Then, your file will be sent to our institution before the deadline indicated below, so that your application can finally be sent to the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Eligible fields of study are as follows:

  • Sciences and Technologies : Biology and Health, Ecological transition, Mathematics and Digital, Engineering Sciences
  • Human and Social Sciences : History, French language and civilization, Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Management.

Please note that the deadline for submitting Master's applications for the University of Tours is
December 1, 2023.
Any request received after the deadline will not be processed.

For any information, please contact via email : 

For more information about the Eiffel program:
CampusFrance Website