Open Science is a movement that aims to make scientific research and the data it produces accessible to everyone at all levels of society.

This movement includes, among others

  • Open Source (opening of software code);
  • Open Data;
The Open Data movement is taking shape at the University of Tours with the drafting of a Data Management Plan, which describes the methodologies to be followed to manage the data used or generated in the course of a research activity. This document varies according to the disciplinary sector, as the use and production of digital data is highly dependent on the research area.
  • Open Access, which aims to open scientific literature and free it from the constraints set by major commercial publishers.
At the University of Tours, the Open Access movement is taking shape with the creation of a HAL portal gathering all the scientific publications of the university's research units. This portal has been in place since 2015 and its use by teacher-researchers is becoming more widespread. Let us recall that since the law "For a digital Republic" of 8 October 2016, an article published in the field of science, technology and medicine can be deposited on HAL six months after its publication, and 12 months after its publication regarding humanities and social sciences.

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