6. Administrative registration

Upon your arrival, you have the obligation of scheduling an appointment with your institutional coordinator, namely Mr. Eduard Rotariu. Please note that the date of this meeting is the one that will figure on your arrival certificate. 

During this meeting you will discuss, among many other topics, the two most important elements of your installation, i.e. accommodation and administrative registration.

The final administrative registration file is necessary in order to prepare your student card, as well as your school certificate.

Appointment period

  • 1st semester: from the 26th of August 2024 until the 6th of September 2024
  • 2nd semester: from the 6th until the 10th of January 2025

You will receive an invitation by email in order to schedule your appointment.
It is compulsory to finalise your administrative registration before the 9th of September 2024 (for the first semester) and before the 14th of January 2025 (for the second semester).

Meeting place: International Relations Office, 60 rue du Plat d'Étain, building A, ground floor on the right, 37000 Tours.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude 0,673872°
Longitude 47,383981°

Reach the International Relations Office by bus:
Bus line 5 - Bus stop Rabelais
Bus line 4 - Bus stop Tonnellé

Please see this interactive map.