You will have to prepare a learning agreement before coming to the University of Tours in order to list the courses you wish to take and the corresponding number of ECTS credits.

30 ECTS credits are required to validate a semester of study. This number may vary according to academic criteria specific to your home university for the validation of your semester or year.

If you are doing an exchange with an Erasmus agreement, your home university will provide you with the learning agreement template. Please ask for the deadline by which you must have it signed. Your learning agreement must be signed BEFORE you arrive at the University of Tours.

This learning agreement must be signed by you, your coordinator at your home university and your pedagogical coordinator in Tours. We will give you the latter’s contact details as soon as your pre-registration file has been received and verified by the International Relations Office. From this point on, you will have to contact the coordinator to check and sign the "Before the mobility" part of your learning agreement.

Please note that your learning agreement can be modified and adjusted after your arrival during your meeting with your coordinator in Tours (depending on the timetables and on your coordinator's advice).