What is the Learning Agreement?

The Learning Agreement is the fundamental document on which the academic part of your international study mobility will be based. This document allows you to indicate the courses you wish to follow at our university, and allows your sending university to confirm that these courses will be recognised at your return.

The Learning Agreement is an obligatory prerequisite for your semester to be validated at both the home university, as well as the University of Tours.

Who is concerned by the Learning Agreement?

A Learning Agreement involves three parties: the student, and two pedagogical coordinators, namely one at the sending institution and one at the University of Tours. The document must therefore be signed by you, your coordinator at the home university and your coordinator in Tours. You will receive the latter’s contact details as soon as your pre-registration file has been received and verified by the International Relations Office.

When should the Learning Agreement be prepared?

Your Learning Agreement must be prepared and signed by the three involved parties BEFORE your arrival in Tours.

Once your pre-registration on the Mobility Online platform has been completed and checked by the International Relations Department, you will be given the contact details of your educational coordinator at the University of Tours. You will have to contact him/her in order to define your curriculum during the study period planned in our institution. 

This step will facilitate your integration upon arrival.

How to complete the Learning Agreement

There are two ways to fill in the Learning Agreement, depending on the type of exchange programme you are participating in.

For the Erasmus+ programme

  • Consult the OLA (Online Learning Agreement) platform
  • Create an account
  • Create a new Learning Agreement
  • Follow the instructions and fill in the fields
  • Fill in the details concerning your learning coordinator (which will be sent once your online pre-registration is validated)
  • Indicate the courses you have chosen
  • Your two coordinators will receive a notification to review and sign / modify your Learning Agreement
  • Once your Learning Agreement has been signed by all three parties involved, you will be able to download it 

For other exchange programmes