4.1. Choose your courses

Course catalogue

The Course Catalogue (CCES) lists the most popular courses for international exchange students.
It is available here:       http://cces.univ-tours.fr/
The University of Tours offers more than 100 courses taught in English, that you may find by choosing the language of instruction on the catalogue filter.

The catalogue is updated regularly. Some courses do not appear yet, please ask your teacher coordinator for more information.

You can select any course, in all faculties (except those proposed by the Faculty of Medicine), provided that the academic coordinator and the professor teaching the course accept it, and that you possess a B2 level in French. We trust our partners to assess your proficiency level and therefore do not require a proof of language certification.

"Politique et Relations Internationales (PRI)" program

This programme is highly researched by international students wishing to develop their understanding of international relations. It is taught both in French (half of the cursus) and in English (the other half). Above all, it is a good way for international and French students to study together.

Download the leaflet.

SUPERVISED PROJECTS - Student Exchange Program for future researchers

In addition to the programs described above, you can also be admitted from Bachelor 3rd year for a supervised project in our research laboratories. This is an opportunity to work in an English or French-speaking environment in one of our laboratories and to gain a first research experience in your area of interest. The project is conducted in English or French under the supervision of a professor or researcher. You will be evaluated through an oral presentation and/or a written report.

Here are some research topics available (non-exhaustive list) :

Supervised projects in Sciences

Supervised projects in Engineering Sciences at Polytech Tours

Supervised projects in Psychology