While in mobility inTours, some medical expenses may occur (consultations with the doctor, purchases of medicines, medical emergencies, etc.): it is therefore essential to get a health coverage.

Depending on the situation, international exchange students have several options when it comes to health insurance:

  • European health insurance card (for EU nationals only)
  • Global health insurance card (for UK nationals)
  • Private insurance
  • Insurance provided by the home university
  • French health insurance

If none of the first four options applies to you, then affiliation to the French "Sécurité Sociale" is compulsory.

The application must be done on the "Sécurité Sociale/Assurance Maladie" official website:

Ameli : l’Assurance maladie

Please find all the necessary information on the following websites:

Ameli                                     Campus France                                Etudiant.gouv.fr