7. Academic calendar and timetable

Academic year 2024/25

  • The official dates for the 1st semester are as follows: from Monday, September 9th 
    to Friday, December 20thd 2024
  • The official dates for the 2nd semester are as follows: from Monday, January 13th
    to Friday, May 3th 2025
Term dates
1st semester: September to December 2nd semester: January to May
Expected arrival dates for international exchange students
1st semester: between the 26th of August
to the 6th of September 2024 maximum
2nd semester: between the 6th of January
to the 10th of January 2025 maximum
Academic calendar
1st semester: classes start on the 9th of September
and end on the 6th of December 2024
2nd semester: classes start on the 13th of January
and end on the 25th of April 2025
Exam period
1st semester: from the 9th
to the 20th of December 2024
2nd semester: from the 28th
to the 28st of May 2025

* These dates are given as an estimate and may vary depending on the faculties. For the precise dates concerning your field of study, please consult your faculty’s website directly.


As an exchange student at the University of Tours, you cannot have access to a personal timetable as you are taking courses one by one, in different departments or faculties, and of different levels.
However, you may look up every course that you have chosen in the general timetable to know the time and place of your course. The following step by step will only be possible once you have your student card in Tours.

1. Log in to the ENT: ent.univ-tours.fr . Your ID and password will be given to you after the final registration, when you will get your Student Card.

2. Click on "Emploi du temps étudiant", and choose the year "Planning 2023-2024"

3. In the menu "liste des ressources" (on the left), click on the arrow next to "Etudiants".

4. Click on the faculty and then the diploma of the course you are looking for.

5. Select the level (L1, L2, L3, M1, M2)

6. You now have the time and place of your course.