4.2. Improve your French language skills

French language & culture courses at the CUEFEE

You have the opportunity to complete your Learning Agreement with French courses, offered by our University Center for Teaching French to Foreign Students (CUEFEE). You can choose up to 3 courses.

Please note that, depending on your language proficiency, you are entitled to choose a maximum of 3 classes proposed by the CUEFEE. If applicable, you will receive a maximum of 12 ECTS credits, as follows:

  • Written language (24h/ semester), 4 ECTS credits
  • Oral language (24h/ semester), 4 ECTS credits
  • Cultural options (20h/ semester), 4 ECTS credits (level B1 minimum required)

The format of these three courses will always be: oral language + written language + cultural option. In this sense, you cannot opt for two or more courses from the cultural option type.
These courses are free for exchange students.

/!\ Students with a level of French above C1 will not be able to register for CUEFEE courses.

If you wish to take courses at CUEFEE, you will need to indicate this during a step on your online pre-registration on Mobility Online. Upon your arrival, you will be required to pass a French language proficiency test that will allow you to be referred to an appropriate level group.

Registration for the placement test will only be possible during your appointment at the International Relations Office for the final administrative registration at the university.

The dates for the placement tests will be given to you during your final registration upon your arrival.

Conversation in French - Tandem sessions in a Language Resource Centre (CRL)

How does it work? You are paired with a French student. For a half-hour, you speak in French and for the second half hour, you speak in your mother tongue.

There are two possibilities:

  • Intensive program
    > Open to English-speaking students (possible for Spanish-speaking students)
    > 20 hours of tandem sessions by semester
    > 400-word essay
    > 3 ECTS credits
  • Open program
    > Open to Spanish-, Italian-, German-speaking students and English-speaking students who do not wish to do the intensive program
    > Less than 20 hours per semestre
    > no ECTS credits

An information meeting will be held at the beginning of each semester.
Find more information here.