Our collaborative technical platforms

Study and Research Centres - CER

The Study and Research Centres (CER) are technological platforms of the University of Tours that support the research activities of the University and companies in their development and innovation projects, with dedicated means, in terms of personnel, equipment and premises, and supported by the University's research professors.

They are dedicated to collaborative research in a given sector of activity and are effective tools for research and development.

The CERTEM is a Centre for Technological Studies and Research bringing together public bodies and companies in the field of microelectronics research. The research laboratories particularly involved in the activities of CERTeM are the GREMAN https://greman.univ-tours.fr/ and the PCM2E https://pcm2e.univ-tours.fr/.

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The CEROC is the ideal place to optimise its machining concepts and achieve productivity gains, working on cutting tools. It brings together researchers from the Gabriel Lamé Mechanics Laboratory https://www.mechlabgabriellame.fr/ and the engineers of the startup AAMS http://aams.tech/, around collaborative research projects involving other industrial partners.
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The CERMEL technology platform of the University of Tours specialises in elastomeric materials. It supports the university's research activities, particularly the Gabriel Lamé Mechanics Laboratory https://www.mechlabgabriellame.fr/, and accompanies their development and innovation projects.
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