Visa and Residence Permit

Requesting your visa, your residence permit or renewing it, our Euraxess Service Centre is here to support you along the application procedure. Thanks to our close contact with the Immigration authorities, we will be happy to guide you.

We are also the only University of Tours service entitled to issue the « Convention d’accueil », document needed for requesting the visa/resident permit “Passeport Talent/Chercheur”.


I am a researcher

Before your arrival

Follow the procedure to get your hosting agreement.

After your arrival

You have a long stay (D) visa Passeport Talent "Chercheur" or "Famille" valid for less than a year

As soon as you arrive in France and within 3 months, you have to validate your visa on the Ministry of the Interior's official website.
We can help you with this matter, just contact us !
Failure to complete this formality would expose you to legal proceedings for irregular immigration. It would not allow you to reenter France in case of travel abroad.

How to validate it ?
Enter the information regarding your visa and your identity.
To complete the process, you will have to pay a tax of 200€ by buying stamps.
You can either :

  • Buy electronic stamps online ;
  • Buy stamps in a tobacco shop by cash or credit card.

At the end of the process, you will be able to download a certificate called "Confirmation de la validation de l’enregistrement de votre visa long séjour".

Important : Save this document, print it and always keep it into your passport with your visa. It makes your visa valid.
For any travel outside France and for renewing your visa, this document will be required.

You have a long stay (D) visa Passeport Talent « Chercheur » or « Famille » for 3 months with the mention "Titre de séjour à solliciter dans les deux mois suivant l'arrivée" (Request for residence permit within two months after your arrival)

At your arrival, please contact us so we can help you to apply for your resident permit at the Préfecture in Tours or Blois. (Local Immigration organisation). We as well support spouse application.

Documents needed (Original + Copy) :

  • Your « Convention d’accueil »
  • Your passport
  • Your Passeport Talent/Chercheur visa and entry stamp
  • Your wedding certificate if you are coming with your spouse
  • 2 identity photos with clear background.
  •  A recent proof of residence dated less than 6 months : rental agreement, energy bill, phone or internet bill…
    Warning : If you are being provided accommodation at third party, you will need to provide : a written certification of accommodation signed by the person, his/her ID Card or residence permit and his/her proof of residence.

For your spouse holder of a visa « Passeport Talent/Famille » :
- His/her passport
- His/her visa and entry stamp
- 2 identity photos with clear background.

If your spouse came to France later :
- His/her passport
- His/her visa and entry stamp
- 2 identity photos with clear background.
- Your residence permit/récépissé and passport.


I am a PhD student

Costs of residence permits

The cost of a residence permit depends on the type and validity period of the permit.

The tax is paid in tax stamps and must be paid only when you collect the permit from the Prefecture.

You can buy your tax stamps from a tobacco shop or the tax stamps website:

The amount is stated on the notification sent to you by text when your permit is ready.

           Taxes indicated by Ministry of the Interior on January 2020