Cuefee - Exchange students

The University of Tours welcomes each year numerous exchange students in the framework of its mobility programs. These students principally take classes in the different Faculties of the University. The CUEFEE proposes several French course programs to help exchange students according to their goals and their level.

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 - Program 1 : Linguistic assistance (with disciplinary courses in French)

This program is open to exchange students whose level in French is sufficient to follow faculty courses in French. The French level recommended to take classes with a maximum of comprehension is B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This program allows students to benefit from linguistic and methodological assistance at the CUEFEE while taking disciplinary courses in French in our faculties. Students can choose 1 to 3 courses and a maximum of 12 credits (ECTS) can be obtained by semester:

  • General written French or University written French (24h/semester), 4 ECTS

  • Oral French (24h/semester), 4 ECTS

  • Cultural options (Literature, creative writing, French culture & society…) (24h/semester), 4 ECTS

School fee : free

- Program 1 bis : French for beginners (with disciplinary courses in English)

This program is open to exchange students with a beginner’s level in French who wish to take faculty courses in English. The French classes are mandatory for all students who have not reached a level A2 in French (TCF>200). Students can choose 2 French courses and 8 ECTS credits can be obtained:

  • General written French (24h/semester), 4 ECTS

  • Oral French (24h/semester), 4 ECTS    or    Cultural option (24h/semester), 4 ECTS

School fee : free

Program 2 : French for specialists (University Diploma of French Studies / DUEF)

This formula is open to exchange students enrolled in a French language degree in their country and who would like to study the French language at CUEFEE for one semester or one year. A university diploma of French studies (DUEF) as well as 30 ECTS credits can be obtained.

Students will mainly take French classes at CUEFEE. One or two faculty courses can also be chosen:

1. DUEF courses at CUEFEE :

  • Written French and Oral French (150h/semester)

  • French culture & society (24h/semester)

  • Cultural options or methodology (2x24h/semester)

2. One or two disciplinary courses can be chosen in our main faculties.

Please consult the list of the most popular courses

Program open from level B1 and higher (DELF B1, TCF>299, TEF>360)

School fees : 1400€/semester