- The Multi-Training Biological Systems Analysis Programme

This transversal logistical structure of the University of Tours groups together most of the heavy equipment and the corresponding skills in two major fields of biological and materials analysis: imaging and chemical analysis.
Objective: to structure a common research activity, defined by a scientific project, a federal structure and co-financing between the protagonists.
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- The Multi-Training Programme for the Animal Industry

This structure offers research teams an environment that complies with the latest European standards on the use of experimental animals. The scientific and technical platform "animal houses" also has the ambition to constitute and offer optimal equipment for the implementation of projects in partnership with industry.
The aim is to provide researchers with the best possible conditions for developing new academic research topics.

-The Biological Resource Centre (CRB)

The Biological Resource Centre is composed of six members (University of Tours, CHRU of Tours, The French Blood Establishment Centre-Atlantic, Inra Tours-Nouzilly, Interregional Institute for Health, Inserm).
The aim is to prepare and store biological resources (biological material and associated data) in a secure manner, with optimal traceability.
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-Surgery and Imaging for Research and Education (CIRE)

This international platform offers a unique service for research, training and innovation in the fields of animal and human health and breeding. It is the result of a joint reflection between the University of Tours, the CHRU of Tours and the Inræ.
The aim is to create a structure bringing together surgical and in vivo imaging resources applied to ovine, porcine and caprine animal models at the Inra Val de Loire centre in Tours.
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- The Centre for Studies and Research on RadioPharmaceuticals

Created through a partnership between the University of Tours, the CHRU, Inserm and Cyclopharma laboratories, as part of the Joint Imaging and Brain Research Unit, this association of knowledge and production resources is based on the establishment of a cyclotron dedicated to fluorine 18, in the heart of the Touraine urban area.
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