Around ten federal research structures in which the University of Tours participates

The federative structures make it possible to structure research at the University of Tours. They bring together research units around common scientific strategies of excellence, complementing other structuring methods. This synergy between the units makes it possible to

  • strengthen the visibility of the research activity and promote scientific leadership
  • to optimise intellectual and material resources in order to develop federative projects;
  • develop relations with socio-economic partners.

Life and health sciences

  • Infectious agents, immunities and therapies

Its research area is in the field of animal infectiology for medical and human health purposes. It is supported by an experimental infectiology platform and independent electron microscopy, genomics and proteomics platforms managed by the university.

This federal structure brings together teams from Tours and Poitiers studying the functioning of the central nervous system in animals and humans, particularly using functional imaging methods.


Sciences and technology

Working on scientific computing and modelling, it has intermediate computing power between workstations and large national centres.

It brings together five laboratories working in the field of material science, with a staff of nearly 500.

ICVL brings together the two computer laboratories of the Centre Val-de-Loire region: LIFAT (Fundamental and Applied Computer Science Laboratory of Tours) and LIFO (Fundamental Computer Science Laboratory of Orléans). The Federation acts as a centre of excellence in the efficient, reliable and secure acquisition and processing of information.

Human and Social Sciences

Created in January 2012, FESMAR promotes scientific cooperation between the Centre for Advanced Renaissance Studies and theCentre for Advanced Studies in Medieval Civilisation of Poitiers. Its activities concern history, art history, literature, philosophy, epigraphy, etc.

  • Federation of Legal Practitioners

The 3 law laboratories – LERAP, CRDP and GERCIE - from the University of Tours have come together in this federation to work together on the theme of responsibility.

  • Gaston Berger Federation

The aim of this federation is to organise a network of scientific events in management sciences at the interregional level in the greater Centre-West region.

  • Inter-Regional Federation for Research in Work Sciences

In collaboration with the Regional Centre associated with the The Centre for Studies and Research on Qualifications, the universities of Tours, Orléans and Poitiers have set up a multidisciplinary research network on "Work sciences and social policies".