The Tours 2015 project, led by STMicroelectronics in Tours in conjunction with the CEA in Grenoble and thirteen joint university/CNRS laboratories, was selected in 2012 as part of the first call for nanoelectronics projects (the French government's "Future Investments” programme).

Completed in September 2017, Tours 2015 focused on the study and development of new components for advanced energy management in electronic devices. The work carried out within the framework of this project was articulated around three axes:
  • the manufacture of innovative components for energy conversion, using new semiconductor materials;
  • the development of passive components with increased performance and very low losses through the use of new insulating materials;
  • the integration of microbatteries and energy recovery circuits into electronic components.
A new pilot line, a source of innovation for the electronics industry in our territories, was installed in 2013 on the STMicroelectronics site.

The Tours 2015 project has strengthened:
  • the ecosystem formed between the components industry and research laboratories;
  • the competitiveness and increase of industrial production in the territory.