National biology and health infrastructures

The CRB–Anim project, The Biological Resource Centre for Domestic Animals is a Carnot institute supported by the INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research), in which the University of Tours participates and is responsible the coordination of the training strategy.

This project addresses two major issues:
· the erosion of biodiversity;
· the rise of genomics, which opens up a new era in understanding the relationship between phenotype and genotype.
Thanks to the CRB-ANIM, researchers have access to reproductive and genomic material for domestic animal species raised in France.
The project has been completed but has been extended by a project in which the University of Tours is also participating via its joint teams with the INRA: France Future Livestock (FFE), which offers companies in the livestock sector skills in research and development mobilising three essential levers of action for sustainable and profitable multi-performing livestock farming: health, feed and breeding systems and animal genetics.

The Carnot label

Created in 2006, the Carnot label aims to develop partnership research, i.e. research carried out by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic actors, mainly companies (from SMEs to large groups), in response to their needs.
Partnership research is an important lever for the economy by encouraging business innovation, a source of competitiveness and growth.
The Carnot label is awarded to public research structures, the Carnot institutes, which simultaneously carry out upstream research activities, in order to renew their scientific and technological skills, and a proactive policy of partnership research for the benefit of the socio-economic world.
The Ministry of Research awards the label to Carnot institutes after a very selective application process.
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