Academic Recognition
ECTS Grading System

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) guarantees the academic recognition of a study period abroad, through a system that measures and compares the academic results of the student, thus allowing to transfer these results from one institution to another: the ECTS credits measures the workload, whereas the grades measures the quality of academic achievement.

The ECTS grading scale facilitates the interpretation of the grades obtained in another institution under a different grading system. It is based on the statistical ranking of students. This scale does not replace the local grading system. The subjects taught at the University François-Rabelais are graded on a 0 to 20-point scale, each subject being given a coefficient.

Below are the ECTS grading scales used by each faculty of our university.

Grading Scales at the University François-Rabelais
Arts and Humanities
Center for Advanced Renaissance Studies
Institute of Technology - Blois
Institute of Technology - Tours
Law, Economics and Social Sciences
Literature and Language
Sciences and Technology