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The spacial perception of the Medieval Near East


from April 5, 2013 to April 6, 2013


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Salle de conférences, 5e étage bibliothèque universitaire (friday)
  • Salle 08, extension (saturday)

Organised by the University François-Rabelais of Tours-CNRS, CITERES Équipe Monde arabe et Méditerranée (EMAM), the department of History and Archeology. With the support of the UMR 8167 « Islam médiéval » (Paris1/ParisIV/CNRS/ EPHE).

The purpose of this international meeting is to better understand the perceived vision of the Mediterranean area in the Middle Ages, especially the Middle East, including the Crusades which have signed a major issue between East and West. But what is at stake, finally - and not only religious or political - have participated in this construction, with the new irruption of Islam? According to what information or knowledge and what imaginary?

The participation of the best specialists of the fields concerned will analyze here the cultural tools, geographical and political implemented deal with material data, economic and strategic perception that forged the identity of this region before, during and after the occupation of the Latins.

The aspects considered will confront the physical and environmental vision by travelers and geographers with the framework now better identified by archeology and the study of textual sources. They will seek to identify areas and successive layers of acculturation, settlement, administration, domination and naming territories. They will try to better recognize and understand the structural elements of the landscape, its "process of making" : land use, exploitation, tax levy, traffic exchanges and confrontations. Through their permanences and their evolutions, to capture the interaction of multiple and complementary elements that define a space, look and forms of control that raises.

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