The International Relations Office also organizes mentorship. This consists in having a French student of Tours University help a foreign student who has come to study at our university for a semester or an academic year. This is a way to give foreign students a hand (the French student can help him/her upon arrival at university in general organization, to find his/her way through town, and so on ) and most of all to get to know people from different backgrounds. You get to choose the language you want to speak and you can learn a lot about the way different people live, about cultural differences, and that is truly a very enriching experience. Moreover, you can both introduce the other to another circle of friends and make new friends. Contact:

The International Relations Office (SRI) organizes at the beginning of each semester a welcome party for new exchange program students. This is an opportunity to present the program of cultural activities for one semester in which you can take part. You will be able to go sightseeing in the region, to learn a bit more about its history, its heritage and its traditions, while spending a pleasant time with other exchange program students like yourself, from various countries, and sometimes even with your mentor. Check your emails for our invitation to this welcome party.