Improving your knowledge of French

⇒ At the CUEFEE (Centre Universitaire d’Enseignement du Français pour Etudiants Etrangers / University Center of French as a Foreign Language)
As you follow courses that you have chosen, you will soon learn to make a difference between classes of French that you had before and classes in French. Therefore, if you wish to broaden your command of the French language to express yourself more fluently or so people will understand you better, the CUEFEE is there for you. It offers language, grammar, French culture classes which will help you to know more about the language that you will need to use every day, but also about the country and the region where you are staying.

Exchange program students need to enroll per semester. There are 6 hours a week (i.e. 4 one-and–a-half-hour classes). Fees are 50 € per semester (free of charge for certain exchange programs).

You will not be awarded a degree for this type of course; however, you will be able to gain ECTS credits (3 per module) that will be included in your half-yearly or/and yearly grades.

For more information, please view the brochure of the Cuefee. [PDF - 129 Ko]

⇒ At the CRL (Centre de Ressources en Langues / Language Resource Center)
An innovative language learning Center, the CRL allows every student to study at his/her own pace, according to his/her level thanks to multimedia supports.

A member of the teaching staff works out the student’s needs during an interview. He/she defines a program that will enable the student to progress at his/her own pace, according to his/her starting level. The student is then in charge of his/her own learning process and his/her work is monitored while keeping a certain autonomy.

Intensive oral practice in small groups allows students to forget about their fears of speaking and to take part at regular intervals in debates suggested by members of the teaching staff or native assistants, during conversation sessions.

Similar in structure and equipped with a common database including all pedagogical documents, CRLs are made up of 5 working areas (audio, video/TV, reading, computers, conversation) where students choose the resources on which they will work on their own.

There are currently 4 CRLs located as follows:
  • Site Béranger, UFR Arts et Sciences Humaines, entrance on number 163 rue Victor Hugo (1st floor);
  • Site Béranger, UFR Lettres et Langues, entrance on number 163 rue Victor Hugo (2nd floor, room 1180, and ground floor, room 0160);
  • Site Grandmont, UFR Sciences et Techniques (building L , 1st floor, room 1180);
  • Site des Deux Lions, UFR Droit, Economie et Sciences Sociales (building A, 2nd floor): CRL 1, room A210 for L; CRL 2, room A200 for L3 and M