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Documents to bring before coming to France

You are a researcher under the « scientist » status

According to your personal situation, the following documents may be useful:

  • The original of your hosting agreement, duly signed
  • Birth certificate for each member of your family
  • Marriage certificate or family record book
  • Vaccination certificates, especially for your children
  • Children's school reports
  • Your PhD diploma or certificate of accreditation
  • Several identical passport size photos (full-face, bareheaded, clear background)
  • Health cover attestation: private insurance or national health insurance system (European health card for UE citizens)
  • Written proof of a grant or financing attestation of your stay by a government or an institution, if the case arises
  • Written proof of your family incomes (for the previous fiscal year: income tax notification or last payslips)
  • If you intend to drive in France:
- Your valid driving license (it will allow you to drive one year in France) or an international driving license
- International insurance card of your vehicle
- Car registration papers or property certificate of your vehicle

In any case...

Passport: pay attention to its validity! Before leaving, please check that your passport will be valid during the whole length of your stay in France.

ATTENTION: all documents must be translated into French by an official translator.

Several identical passport size photos (full-face, bareheaded, clear background), sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm.

Prepare several copies of all these documents and think to bring them for each administrative procedure.