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Professors of universities recruitment

The applicants do not need to have the French nationality.

The positions are published:

- on the GALAXIE website of the Minister of higher education and research:

- on the website of the University of Tours (, in the section “L’université > Recrutement”

The applications must be done on the GALAXIE website within thirty days from the day of opening of the applications.

Recruitment conditions and documents list to put in the application (in three copies) : decree of the 7th of October 2009 published in the Official Diary numbe 240 of the 16th of October 2009.

The applications and the interviews must be done in French. This obligation requires that the administrative documents in the application must be written in French or completed by a French translation. On the other hand, this obligation is not required for the scientific documents that are enclosed to the application.

Usually, there are two examinations a year:

- one for the synchronized recruitment for all the universities, in march/april, with an assignment in September or October, according to the vacancy of the position

- one called “au fil de l’eau” in October, with an assignment in February

Figures for the scholar year 2011-2012: seven positions for the synchronized recruitment, two positions for the “au fil de l’eau” recruitment.

The University of Tours is made up of Teaching and Research Units, also called faculties: Arts and Human Sciences – Humanities and Languages – Center for Renaissance Studies – Law, Economics and Social Sciences – Science and Technology – School of Medicine – Pharmaceutical Sciences.

There are three courses at the College of Engineering: Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Urban Planning.

There are two Institutes of Technology: in Tours and in Blois.

The University of Tours employs 1.293 teachers and teachers-researchers, contractual and permanent, including 218 professors of universities and 535 lecturers (the School of Medicine is not included).