Lecturers & visiting professors

  • Guest teachers
This recruitment is for people from France or abroad who work as a teacher or a researcher in a foreign higher education or research institution.

The University of Tours has 24 months for all the disciplines. The applicants are suggested by professors from the teaching and research units.

The foreign researcher or teacher-researcher who comes to France in order to work temporarily in a public higher education institution must follow, as his/her suggesting professor, administrative procedures, before and during his/her stay.

Outside the European Union, the procedure rest on a “guest scientific visitor convention” form. The salary is the same than a French teacher-researcher one’s, at a comparable level. The teaching staff service of the university is responsible of the administrative procedures whereas the international relations service is responsible of the guest convention and of the help for the problems during the stay, like opening a bank account or renting a flat.

  • Lecturers
The procedure is governed by the decree number 87-754 of the 14th of September 1987.

Required diploma: applicants must justify a year of successfully completed studies after obtaining a French or foreign title or degree equivalent to the national licence diploma.

The foreign language for which one the language professors apply must be their native languages or another language that they speak as a native language.

 It is possible to apply:

- personally for a period of one year, repeatable once a year
- according to bilateral exchange program for a period of one to three years, repeatable once for the same period

The applications must be sent to the university before April 13, 2017. Click here to download the application file.

Hours of teaching due: 200 hours of practical work

For information, there were 17 positions in 2016-2017 in Humanities and Languages.

Languages: Spanish – English – Italian – Portuguese – German