Language assistants

The procedure is governed by the decree number 87-754 of the 14th of September 1987.

Required diploma: MS/MSc or equivalent (first year of a master’s degree, A level plus four years of study)
The foreign language for which one the language professors apply must be their native languages or another language that they speak as a native language.

It is possible to apply:
-Personally for a period of one year, repeatable once a year
-According to bilateral exchange program for a period of one to three years, repeatable once for the same period

The applications must be sent to the university between early March and mid-April.

Hours of teaching due: 192 hours of practical work
Teaching and research unit: Humanities and Languages – 18 specific positions (9 recruitments in 2011)

Languages: Spanish – English – Italian – Portuguese – German

Information: +33 (0) 2 47 36 67 97