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To ensure the safety of the students and staff and to limit the spread of the virus, the representatives of the Université de Tours adopted the following decision:

Staff and doctoral students:

  • All incoming and outgoing mobilities for less than one month to and from Europe or countries outside Europe should be postponed until further notice. ​​​

How to organise your Erasmus staff training in Tours?

The Erasmus + program invites university staff to carry out a training assignment in a European university. This assignment can take the form of a staff week or a job shadowing. The purpose of this assignment is to share good practices, skills and innovation. The University of Tours is not organising a staff week at the moment, but it is possible to apply for job shadowing. 

1- Get in touch with your French counterpart

If you already have a contact in Tours
You may plan with your contact your assignment as well as the schedule of your visit.

If you don’t have a contact in Tours
You may email your CV, a short description of your job and your availabilities. We will then get you in touch with the relevant department or faculty. We also advise you to take a look at our academic calendar and check that the University of Tours is open during the period you are planning to visit.

2- Application form

Online registration allows you to:
-get signatures on your Erasmus documents (teaching agreement, certificate of attendance)
-apply for one of our apartments in the university residence hall
-schedule a meeting with the international office of the Université de Tours on your application form.

Click here to register

If you are applying for Erasmus International Credit Mobilities (MIC) from South Africa, China, Montenegro, Uzbekistan or Thailand, you need to complete the application procedure to be allocated an Erasmus + grant.

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