The Research and Study Centers (CER) come from a partnership between the University François Rabelais and one or several companies: they are mixed public and private laboratories.

Endowed with human and technical resources, they are dedicated to collaborative research in a certain sector of activity and possess effective tools for research and development.

• To create attractive centers of excellence whose goals are to improve the competitivity of companies
• To encourage innovation and job creation in research and development

The CERs bring together the converging interests of the principle actors in the activity of a territory: the State, communities, businesses and the university.

The University and 7 companies created together the 5 CER :
• Micro-electronics : CERTEM with ST microélectronics
• Cutting tools: CEROC with Sandvik Coromant
• Elastomer materials: CERMEL with Hutchinson (founder)
• Radio-pharmaceutics: CERRP with Cyclopharma
• Sensory technology: CERTESENS with RCP Design Global, Spincontrol and CQFDgustation

Custom design for business needs
• Scientific Expertise
• Research project partnerships
• Services on-demand
• Help finding financial aid
• Confidentiality

Resources for all companies
• High level scientific teams experienced in working in partnerships
• Quality equipment
• Up to date measurement and investigation methods

The University François Rabelais expands on this policy:
• by developing the existing CERs in order to aid them in achieving an international level,
• by developing the association of the CERs with new businesses, notably by opening technical resources to small businesses