As part of its highly assertive policy for research excellence, promotion and industrial partnerships are one of the François-Rabelais University’s key priorities.

This is illustrated through the availability of researchers from Contract Development Partnership Departments who have tools and methods at their disposal for transmitting the results of their research so that they may be transformed into products and/or services that are useful for society.

As such, the François-Rabelais University takes part in the creation of innovational business activities (in particular created by research staff) that exploit the innovations generated by the University.

The University contributes by:

  • Familiarizing its staff with entrepreneurship.
  • Identifying the innovational projects that are likely to be transmitted to public or private businesses, which will ensure their exploitation, or that can be promoted through the creation of a business activity.
  • Protecting innovations through patent applications.
  • Helping staff apply the French Act on Innovation and Research of 12 July 1999, which encourages the creation of innovational business activities and the transmission of public research technologies to companies.
  • Helping the development projects, which are considered to have the most potential, to mature on a socio-economical level, and thus enhance their value and facilitate their transmission to industrial groups or the creation of a start-up.
  • Accompanying project owners in the French national selection that offers support for innovational technology business activity creation.
  • Introducing project owners to the Regional Technology Transmission Network (incubators, ARITT (Regional Agency for Innovation and the Transmission of Technologies), OSEO (Assistance and financial support for development).