The François-Rabelais University participates in a wide range of both public and private networks and clusters that involve research teams and training centres and that are part of a partnership approach that aims to create synergies for innovational projects.

For the university, this involvement is an opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the region, by providing its skills in research and by transmitting its technological know-how. The contribution of university laboratories to such R&D programmes is beneficial to everyone involved.

More specifically, the François-Rabelais University plays a key role in six competitiveness clusters that are acknowledged by the State:

  • the S2E2 cluster “Sciences et Systèmes de l’Énergie Électrique” (the Smart Electricity Cluster), in the fields of innovational electrical energy technologies and in smart grids for energy management,
  • the Cosmetic Valley cluster, “Sciences de la beauté et du bien être” (Science of Beauty and Well-Being), which promotes the development of the cosmetics and perfume sectors in France,
  • the “Elastopôle” cluster, which carries out R&D on rubber, polymers and innovative materials
  • the “Atlantic Biotherapie” cluster, which develops diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the biotherapy field,
  • the “DREAM cluster, “Durabilité de la Ressource en Eau associée aux Milieux” (Sustainability of Water Resources in relation to Environments), in the field of developing and sustainably managing water and environments