Discover our 6 laboratories in Sciences and Technologies:

Energy and Materials

  • UMR CNRS 7347 Materials, Microelectronics, Acoustics and Nanotechnology (GREMAN)
  • E.A. 7494 Laboratory of Mechanics Gabriel Lamé (LaMé)
  • E.A. 6299 Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Materials and Electrolytes for Energy (PCM2E)

Geosciences, Environment and Space

  • E.A. 6293 Continental Geo-Hydrosystems (GéHCO)

Mathematics - Computer Science - Theoretical Physics - Systems Engineering

  • UMR CNRS 7013 Denis Poisson Institute (IDP)
  • E.A.6300 - ERL CNRS 7002 Tours Research Laboratory in Fundamental and Applied Computer Science (LIFAT)