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LIVIU CHIRA - Doctor in Life and Health Sciences

What is your professional / educational background and what is your Ph.D. Topic?

I began my studies in Romania. At first, I did a theoretical diploma (mathematics-computer science), which I finished in 2004. Then I did an electrical engineering degree (Master's) at the technical university of Cluj Napoca, Romania (2009). From 2009 to 2010, I did a Master's degree in business.

From 2010 to 2013, I did my Ph.D. in a dual program between the technical university of Cluja Napoca and the University of Tours, on the improvement of the resolution of ultrasound images using signal treatment techniques. This subject was proposed to me by my Ph.D. adviser Dr. Jean-Marc GIRAULT.

From April 2009 to January 2011, I also worked as an electronics engineer in the Research and Development Department of Hanna Instruments (their division in Romania) developing firmware for measuring devices.

How has the Ph.D. process been for you?
For me, the dissertation was a moving experience from different points of view. Work where I learned a lot, where I had to bring together creativity, scientific rigor and scheduling. What is more, a dual Ph.D. means a mix of cultural, administrative and scientific situations which force the candidate to understand the demands, sometimes quite different, of each country.

What have you learned from this experience?
The dissertation was an interesting experience. First, a dual Ph.D. gave me the possibility to have an international experience. Then, I worked in a very dynamic field using modern approaches in order to attempt to improve the quality of ultrasound images. Personally, I found myself in a lot of unexpected where I learned a lot.
What advice would you give to a student who was considering a Ph.D.?
The work is difficult but it is an excellent life experience.

What are you doing now?
I am doing a post-doc in the laboratory “Brain Imaging” (Inserm U930, équipe 5).