Working in France


Foreign labor regulations in France are very strict and so are student jobs.

- Students from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can hold a job during their studies in France without any specific requirements. They do not have to get a residence permit or work permit.

- Students from countries outside the European Union : a foreign student can be hired simply by showing his/her temporary residence permit marked “Student” or by showing a receipt for its renewal (without having to request a work authorization). Hiring a foreign student can only be done once the employer has filled out a form for the Préfecture that issued the student’s residence permit or, if the foreigner has a long-stay student visa, for the Préfecture of the place where he/she resides. This must be done by the employer at least two workdays prior to the hiring date. A copy of the residence permit or long-stay student visa should be attached to this form. It should also specify the type of job, the duration of the contract, the yearly number of hours worked, the foreseen date of hiring. As studies are seen as a priority, the yearly number of hours worked cannot exceed 964 hours (which means 60% of the legal duration of work per year). Otherwise, the Préfecture will withdraw the temporary residence permit.

For more information regarding labor regulations in France for foreign students, please visit the CampusFrance Website and the official Website of the French civil service,


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