Cost of living

Here are a few examples of prices to give you an idea of the everyday cost of living in Tours:
A baguette (bread) 0.50 € (in a supermarket); 0.90 € (in a bakery)
A liter of milk 0.70 to 0.80 €
A 250gr block of butter from 1€ to 1.50 €
A sandwich from 3 €
A can of soda 1€
A cup of coffee 1.20 €
A bus ticket 1.40 € (valid for one hour and 15 minutes)
A monthly bus pass 28 € (for students); 35€ (regular rate)
A movie theatre ticket from 8.70€ (regular rate)
A stamp 0.60 € (for metropolitan France); 0.70 € (for the EU and Switzerland); 0.85 € (for the rest of the world)
Museum entrance fee from 6 to 10 €
Swimming pool entrance fee ca. 5.15  €
A show ticket ca. 11€
A meal in a restaurant 14-18 € for a full meal (starter, main dish and cheese or dessert)

As for a typical monthly budget, you should anticipate to spend at least 700 or 800€ on average, which includes rent and cost of transport, food, outings and leisure activities, as well as upkeep costs.

The website Monetos offers a lot of useful information for your stay in France: budget calculator (for students), accommodation, insurance, bank account, healthcare…