Culture & sports

  • Cultural activities offered by the International Relations Office
The University of Tours offers exchange students a highly diversified cultural programme.

During their stay in the area, students will have the opportunity to take part in tours to visit the castles of the Loire (Cheverny, Chinon, Loches, Chambord, Amboise, Le Clos Lucé).

A get-together evening and a guided tour of the city of Tours are also proposed.

The cultural agenda also includes evenings at the cinema, cooking workshops, a weekend in Paris and a range of excursions.
  • Culture at the university
The Student’s Cultural Passport (PCE - Passeport Culturel Etudiant) offers students a wealth of cultural events.

The university has its own artistic programme (the Thélème Hall can accommodate 600 spectators), and students can also take part in practical workshops and courses run by professionals.

The programme also includes a cycle of conferences (Wednesdays at Thélème (les Mercredis de Thélème)), artists in residence every year, contests and competitions (Rock Attitude, Students on Stage (la Scène aux Etudiants), the Student Artwork Spring Fair (le Printemps de l’Art Etudiant). The university also has its own theatre troupe.
  • Culture in Tours
The city of Tours has a myriad of cultural places: cinemas, film archives (cinémathèque), numerous museums dedicated to Fine Arts, to journeymen’s guilds (Compagnonnage), the natural history museum, the Saint Martin Museum, the Touraine Wine Museum, the Centre for Contemporary Creation (Centre de Création Contemporaine), the Chateau of Tours, the Grand Theatre, the Regional Drama Centre (Centre Dramatique Régional), the National Centre for Choreography (Centre chorégraphique national), the Plessis Theatre and the Petit Faucheux jazz club.

Several festivals are held every year: Euro Gusto (food fair), Rayons Frais (street art), les fêtes musicale (classical music festival), Aucard de Tours (contemporary music festival), Jazz in Touraine, Tours sur Loire.

The municipal libraries-media libraries provide free access to an extensive range of books, CDs and DVDs. In addition to the university libraries, the exclusive Touraine Musical Library (Bibliothèque Musicale de Touraine) hosts a collection of 6,500 specialized works and 27,500 musical scores. The European Institute of Food History and Culture (Institut Européen d'Histoire et des Cultures de l'Alimentation) offers access to an extensive range of works on gastronomy and food and drink.
  • Sports at the university
The university sports department (SUAPS) provides a wide range of physical and sportive activities throughout the year.

Collective sports are highly encouraged (basketball, football, handball, rugby, ultimate (Frisbee)), or you could try racket sports (volleyball, badminton, squash, tennis or table tennis). Physical well-being activities (muscular training, relaxation, sophrology, yoga, keep fit, Qigong, tai chi), combat sports and athletics are also offered.

Students may also take part in water activities (swimming, aqua gym, diving), expressive activities (circus arts, capoeira, dance) and outdoor activities (trekking, skiing, climbing, sailing).

The Pack'Sport formula (join in at registration, €25) also offers access to “leisure” classes, to sports events and animations, to courses, university competitions and special offers to join local sports clubs.

The CVEC Sport offer (free of cost) gives you access to one leisure SUAPS course per semester, workshops and free events open to all students.

  • Sport in Tours

The city of Tours has a wide range of high-performance sports facilities: several swimming pools, including an Olympic one, a nautical centre on the River Cher, and several major stadiums and gymnasiums. It is home to several leading sports clubs including Tours Volley-ball and Tours Football Club.

Every year Tours plays host to the Paris-Tours cycle race which closes the cycling season.