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2.2. Admission procedures - 1st year Degree - Resident in France

To register in 1st year of a Degree in a French university as an individual international student, please use the procedure of demande d'admission préalable (DAP). If you are currently living in France (résidence permanente), please use the dossier vert.

All the information on dossier DAP vert are available on the website of the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieurclick here. You can download the files there.

Procedure opened on November 1st 2020.
Your application must be given to the universities you have chosen by January 17th, 2021.

The deadline to apply to a first year of Degree (starting in September 2020) was January 17th, 2020 with the DAP process*. You cannot apply for a first year of Degree anymore. Please contact us in October/November 2020 to apply for September 2021.

*Exceptions : EU citizen, French or European bac, already registered in a French Institution of Higher Education in 2019-2020, stateless person, refugees, under subsidiary protection, asylum seekers, children of diplomats residing in France, BGF and BEO (French government grant holders). If this is your case, please click here: Orange file

For more information on the French language knowledge test, click here: TCF-DAP

In case of reorientation

Please note: students who have registered in a French institution of higher education in 2019-2020 do not have to do a DAP procedure.
This allows students to do a reorientation after February, 1st. These candidates will go through the Parcoursup platform. Your file will be examined by a pedagogical commission which will determine to allow you in a new programme.

Special cases: orange file

Please note: if you are a French government grant holder, stateless person, political refugee, asylum seeker, child of diplomat, please check your situation here: Orange file