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International Master's program: graduation ceremony


on the June 27, 2013

The graduation ceremony of international Research Master's programs was held on June 27th, in Polytech'Tours. These Master's degrees are intended for non French-speaking foreign students. Teachings are made in English, and classes of French come to complete the training.

We are particularly anxious to thank for their presence and especially for their support regarding the welcome of foreign students:
  • Mrs. Gloanec Maurin, Vice-president of the Centre Region,
  • Mr. Giacometti, Vice-president in charge of the International Relations for the University François-Rabelais,
  • Mr. Néron, new Director of Polytech'Tours,
  • the teachers in charge of Master's degrees, Mr. Ranganathan and Mr. Hamdouch,
  • and Mr. Bouquard, in charge of the International Relations for Polytech'Tours.

About twenty students, coming from India, Latin America, and Eastern Europe obtained the International Master's program " Schedule and Sustainability: Urban and Regional Planning " or the International Master's program "Elecronics and Mechanical Engineering ".

A cocktail was offered to celebrate pleasantly the students' graduation.