Becoming a partner

If you are in touch with members of the University of Tours and if you would like to formalize this cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding can be signed at first between our institutions. This agreement will serve then as foundation for the implementation of more specific agreements (exchange agreements of students and professors-researchers, training and research agreements…). To ensure the quality and the continued existence of its international agreements, please note that the University of Tours set up a quality charter relating to international partnership degrees (this charter concerns both the offshore degrees and the double degrees).
Finally, faced with the challenge represented by the construction of the European Research Area and worried of increasing the recognition and the visibility of its research laboratories on the European scale, the University of Tours, with the support of the Région Centre and in association with the University of Orléans and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), established the Cellule mutualisée "Europe-Recherche". If a partnership with your institution is set up, this structure can accompany you in the implementation of European projects.