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Grants for a PhD program in Health, Biological Sciences and Life Chemistry (Doctoral School 549 SSBCV), to start in September 2017


from February 20, 2017 to May 1, 2017

The Doctoral School "Health, Biological Sciences and Life Chemistry" (ED 549, SSBCV), joint between Tours and Orléans, includes about 320 researchers and 280 PhD students. The Doctoral School will prosose to fund the PhD program (3 years, starting on September 2017) of several students on different topics, listed bellow.

The students interested in these PhD programs should contact the thesis supervisor listed on each abstract. For each project, the PhD supervisor will select 3 students that will be auditioned by the Doctoral Council on May and June 2017. A laureate will be then selected for each topic.
Please note that not all proposed PhD programs will receive a three-year PhD grant. You should contact the PhD supervisor directly to get information.

A : Human physiopathology and technologies for health
  • SETMAR in glioblastomas and glioblastoma stem cells resistance against ionizing treatments. Supervisor : Corinne Augé-Gouillou - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Study of molecular dynamics following cutaneous application of therapeutics or cosmetics nano-formulations by Raman Spectral Imaging  Supervisor : Franck Bonnier
  • Toward ADHD biomarkers: Metabolomic and Neuro-cognitive correlations  Supervisor : Pierre Castelnau
  • Impact of a weight reduction program on muscle energy metabolism in morbidly obese patients, role of FGF21  Supervisor : Pierre-Henri Ducluzeau
  • Regulation of cardiolipin metabolism in cancer  Supervisor : Jean-François Dumas
  • Clustering effect measurement for binary outcomes Supervisor : Bruno Giraudeau
  • Deciphering PTCHD1-associated signaling pathways regulating excitatory synaptic structure and function  Supervisor : Frédéric Laumonnier - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Impact of the matrix environment on the regulation of cysteine cathepsins during mucopolysaccharidoses  Supervisor : Fabien Lecaille - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Regulation of alveolar-capillary permeability, proteases and cell signalling  Supervisor : Agnès etit-Courty
  • Formation and alteration of the egg vitelline membrane in Gallus gallus  Supervisor : Sophie Rehault-Godbert
  • The role of the kallikrein-related peptidase 5 in the bronchial epithelial remodeling associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)  Supervisor : Pascale Reverdiau - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Role of the SCN4B gene and its expression product, Navβ4, in the prevention of metastatic invasion - Induction of its expression, and inhibition of cancer progression by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids  Supervisor : Sébastien Roger - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • miRNAs and stress granules regulate mesenchymal stem cells oxidative metabolism and signaling pathway in the hematopoietic niche  Supervisor : Florence Rouleux Bonnin
  • Synthesis of inhibitors targeting STAT5 proteins in the treatment of myeloid leukemia: effects on chemo-resistance  Supervisor : Marie-Claude Viaud-Massuard - Call for applications is closed for this subject

B : Infectiology & vaccinology, Immunology
  • Immunotherapy of ocular and congenital toxoplasmosis  Supervisor : Nicolas Aubrey
  • Study of the endocytosis of hepatitis B virus (HBV)  Supervisor : Hugues de Rocquigny
  • Characterization of the host-pathogen interactions involved in the shedding of an avian herpesvirus  Supervisor : Caroline Denesvre - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Interactions between microbiota and viruses: Role in insect resistance to baculoviruses  Supervisor : Elisabeth Herniou
  • Identification of the macrocyclic lactone pharmacological targets from the horse nematode parasite Parascaris equorum  Supervisor : Cédric Neveu
  • Combination of cell differentiation, hypoxia and hepatitis C virus infection: impact on a metabolic state characterizing cancer cells  Supervisor : Philippe Roingeard - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Histogenesis of Merkel cell Carcinoma: cell of origin and impact of ATOH1 and Merkel cell polyomavirus T-antigens  Supervisor : Mahtab Samimi
  • Identification of virulence factors and their cellular target in an avian coccidiosis model  Supervisor : Anne Silvestre
  • Synthesis, structural optimisation of new antibacterial molecules  Supervisor : Jérôme Thibonnet
  • Prophages and adaptation of Streptococcus agalactiae to the human infection  Supervisor : Nathalie Van Der Mee-Marquet

C : Life Chemistry & Physic

See the web site of the University of Orléans :ée-2017-2018

D : Biology of Reproduction, Development and Cognitive Sciences, Ecology
  • Involvement of hippocampal neurogenesis in remission after stressful events  Supervisor : Catherine Belzung - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Diversity of DNA elements derived from transposable elements that shape the avian epigenome  Supervisor : Yves Bigot - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Role and mechanism of action of two potential indicators of body composition and fertility in sows and women: chemerin and vaspin ?  Supervisor : Joëlle Dupont - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Use of polyphenols in gonadal function  Supervisor : Pascal Froment
  • Do offspring care for their parents? Shedding light on a surprisingly overlooked evolutionary driver of family life in insects  Supervisor : David Giron - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Social control of reproductive function in equine species: male effect  Supervisor : Daniel Guillaume
  • Successful memory aging: compensation or brain maintenance?  Supervisor : Michel Isingrini
  • Thermal ecology of aquatic insects: mechanisms and consequences for prey-predator relationships  Supervisor : Claudio Lazzari
  • Development of chemo-enzymatic methodologies for the total synthesis of proteins through solid-supported chemical ligation  Supervisor : Séverine Morisset-Lopez (Orléans) and Eric Reiter (Tours) - Call for applications is closed for this subject
  • Neurophysiological study of affective touch in Autism Spectrum Disorder  Supervisor : Claire Wardak