Exchange student

Exchange student status

You are an exchange student if you study in a university that has an exchange agreement with the University of Tours (UT).

After being selected by your home university, you will be able to study a semester or a year at the University of Tours, choosing courses individually. You will pay the registration fee at your home university, which will validate the courses taken in Tours.

If you are an exchange student, please follow the procedure described in the table of contents below.
If you are an international student but do not have the exchange student status, then please click on this link.


Coming to France

Information and advice from CampusFrance


Online pre-registration (After nomination) 

*2nd semester 2020-2021: From october 9th 2020 to november 27th 2020 december 11th 2020
*Registrations to the online courses offer: Until january 8th 2021

Administrative registration (at your arrival in Tours) 

2nd semester 2020-2021: 
from january 7th 2021 to january 21st 2021

Please be aware of the fact that these dates can be modified due to the Covid-19 situation

(Official information about Covid-19)