Visa application

  • You are a student:
Citizens from EU or EEA member states or Switzerland do not need an entry visa to come to France, whatever the duration of their stay.

Non-EU students wishing to stay over three months in France must apply for a long-stay visa.

You have to apply for a French visa through the French Embassy in your home country 

N.B: nothing can be done once you are in France.

When applying for a visa in your country, you will need to attach an OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration: French Agency in charge of migration and welcoming foreigners) request form. Once the student has been issued a stamped certificate from OFII, he/she will need to send it within three months of his/her arrival in France to the local office of OFII (OFII addresses are listed at the back of request forms and on the OFII website).

OFII will then notify the student to proceed to registration clearance at the OFII local office. This is mandatory and should no registration occur within the three months’ time period following arrival in France, French authorities will consider that the visa recipient is in the country illegally.
It will take at least three weeks (depends on nationalities and purpose of stay) to obtain a visa.
You are a student and have received this new visa. You should contact the OFII as soon as you arrive to take a physical examination. Your visa will then become a residence permit.
More information regarding visa process is available on the following Websites:


Préfecture d’Indre-et-Loire 


- You are a professor/researcher :

All information regarding visa application process is available in the section "Teacher-researcher".